The interior of the basilica in Rankweil in Vorarlberg © Lucas Dube Cantin

Municipality of Rankweil in Vorarlberg

A journey through historical wonders and natural beauty

At Hotel & Gasthof Mohren you will not only experience the warmth and hospitality of a family-run hotel, but also the ideal starting point for discovering the beauty and sights of Rankweil and the surrounding area.

Rankweil Basilica - A jewel in Vorarlberg

Rankweil Basilica, an architectural masterpiece from the Middle Ages, sits majestically on a hill in the centre of the picturesque municipality of Rankweil in Vorarlberg. As a cultural and spiritual centre, this historic site attracts not only believers, but also art and culture enthusiasts from all over the world.

Unique architecture and spiritual heritage

The basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary impresses with its unique blend of Romanesque and Gothic style elements. The ornate frescoes and the impressive altarpiece are among the highlights of a visit. Rankweil Basilica is not only a place of silence and contemplation, but also a testimony to the deeply rooted Christian faith in the region.

Event venue with a lively tradition

In addition to regular church services, the basilica also hosts concerts and cultural events that immerse visitors in the rich tradition and history of the parish.

The municipality of Rankweil: A place full of discoveries

The market town of Rankweil, known for its hospitality and lively culture, offers its visitors a wide range of sights and activities. From historical sites to natural beauty - Rankweil is a place that enchants everyone.

Historical & cultural sights in Vorarlberg

In addition to the basilica, the sights include Sigmundslust Castle, which once served as a summer residence, and the historic market square, which forms the heart of the municipality. Cultural institutions such as the local history museum provide an insight into Rankweil's rich history and tradition, as does the Mesnerstüble association, which has set itself the task of promoting encounters, art and culture on the mountain Liebfrauenberg.

Leisure activities in Rankweil

For nature lovers, Rankweil offers idyllic hiking and cycling trails through the picturesque Vorarlberg countryside. The river Frutz and the surrounding forests and lakes are perfect for relaxing walks and swimming.

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