Hotel garden of the Hotel Gasthof Mohren in Vorarlberg

Transformation of our world

The agenda for sustainable development

What do we actually do?

Money alone does not make you happy. But no money is not a solution either. Many people around the world are affected by poverty. Even in Austria, one of the richest countries in the world, it is an issue that is a bitter reality for many people.

And we're not just talking about people who are unemployed or long-term unemployed. For many people, their salary is often not enough to cover their living costs.

As a company, we see ourselves as entrusted with the valuable task of being a reliable employer for our employees.

We also see it as our duty as a host and hotel to support other institutions in helping people affected by poverty.

In our activities with the "ZemmaWirta" and as a company, we collect donations for charitable organisations such as Caritas and ClinicClowns.

What do we actually do?

It's not just important that you eat. It's also important what you eat. In our restaurant, we aim for more quality rather than quantity in our food and good food for everyone.

That's why we chose it for SDG 2. Eating is not just about quantity, but above all about the right nutrients. And this is a challenge that affects all regions of the world equally.

High-quality, nutrient-rich products from sustainable agriculture is the big goal. The most beautiful minor matter in the world with three letters? That's right: organic!

We are very selective when choosing the products we offer and attach great importance to quality and regionality.

The topic of food appreciation is also close to our hearts, which is why we have perfected the process of minimising our food waste in recent years. We donate leftover pastries and other food or process it further.

Community activities of this kind have motivated us to pay more attention to our health and fitness.

What do we actually do?

We run together from destination to destination. A healthy lifestyle is very important to us. Supporting our employees in their daily work is very important to us.

The physical challenges vary depending on the department and can be very different. Activities at reception and administration are usually carried out sitting down. In service and housekeeping, our team is always on its feet.

Thanks to our Mohren CARD, employees have the opportunity to find a balance with a personal fitness trainer who also caters to their individual needs.

There is also the StarCard, an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce, where we have more than 60 member companies that offer a wide variety of programmes for employees.

We also strengthen cooperation and team building with our regular workshops.

What do we actually do?

A green heart is a basic requirement. Everything else can be learnt. Every person has unique potential. The art lies in recognising this and being able to develop it. That's why our motto is: strengthen your strengths and be able to live and utilise your talents as well as possible.

People who apply to us have very different skills.
Some already have a lot of professional experience, while others are career changers or come straight from school. One thing has proven itself over the years in our application process: Soft skills such as openness, social skills and enthusiasm must be noticeable, the rest comes with time and can be learnt.

We see education as a key element of sustainable development. For this reason, we maintain relationships with schools and universities, offer internships, organise internal job rotations, actively offer training for all age groups and our employees also play a major role as ambassadors for our sustainability philosophy. Our employees are enthusiastic and the willingness to pull together is an attitude that comes naturally to us.

What do we actually do?

We are all one of a kind personalities. That is what makes us all the same. What should we say? We find it tragic that we still have to talk about the fact that all people are the same to us and that we make no distinction between male and female employees. Everyone is treated equally. That is a matter of course for us. Elmar's eyes light up when he talks about how his parents set an example of what is often only talked about today, namely equal rights in partnerships in combination with a career and children.

As far as pay is concerned, there are definitely no half measures for us. We only know about the gender pay gap from the media.

We cater to the different needs of our employees. For some, regular working hours are important, for others a certain degree of flexibility. One aspect of equality is not anchored in SDG 5, but that is precisely why we want to talk about ensuring that everyone really does deserve the same rights. Not just for women and men, but also for different age groups, genders, nationalities and religions. People of all religious beliefs and sexual orientations are welcome here.

This applies to both the team and our guests.

If we all looked, thought, loved and lived the same way, the world would be a pretty boring place.

What do we actually do?

Less is really less in our case. Austria. Land of mountains, land by the river. The best drinking water is omnipresent and a matter of course. In Rankweil, we also enjoy this privilege and are connected to the entire water supply.

We guarantee the world's best tap water in a large city by using the Grander Water Filter throughout the house. Even our well has Grander water - drinking water.

In our hotel, careful use of water is a top priority.

In order to reduce water consumption in our hotel, we use environmentally friendly shower heads equipped with water flow limiters that reduce water consumption by up to 35%. We also use well water to generate energy and cool the passive house.

We only use biodegradable cleaning agents for cleaning. Coupled with washable microfibre cloths, we have been able to significantly reduce consumption.

What are we actually doing?

A zero-energy balance sheet doesn't sound sexy. Nevertheless, we have someone lying in our bed every night. Give me sunshine. Give me warmth. Give me light. Energy has long been at the centre of social processes. Without energy, there can be no technologisation. No progress. Standstill. It would be unthinkable if it were suddenly simply no longer there.

Only LED lamps are used throughout the hotel and we have decided against minibars in the rooms for environmentally friendly reasons. This not only saves us from having to purchase and maintain around 35 refrigerators, we also save 10,024 kg of CO2 per year simply by not having them. We benefit from this in every respect, as it means more guests come to the lobby for a drink, which often results in nice encounters that go far beyond the effect of a cold beer or warming tea.

We can be hosts with heart!

What do we actually do?

In a good hotel, not only the guests feel comfortable, but also the employees. A hotel is first and foremost about making people feel good all round. That is the top priority. At the Mohren, we realised right from the start that this is best achieved when the employees also enjoy their work.

Where many people work together, good organisation is required. Our quality management system means that processes are precisely regulated, which not only makes work easier, but also improves cooperation. Service quality, work efficiency and stress-free working are qualities that we have gained from this. We currently employ 30 people for the various areas of responsibility, which are organised into different departments.

What do we actually do?

If everyone turns a single screw, we can reorganise the world. Innovation is our constant companion. When it comes to infrastructure, we are very keen to promote the great public transport system in Rankweil and Vorarlberg. Getting from A to B in Vorarlberg is super easy with public transport. As a sustainable hotel business, it is important to us to encourage our guests to travel in an environmentally friendly way and to create incentives to leave the car behind.

And so we have created the "Green M".

It's simple maths: if you save CO2, you also save money. Anyone travelling by bike, train or electric car receives our "Green M" of 3% discount on the room rate. It only applies to direct bookings via our website, email or telephone.

What do we actually do?

The conviction to make decisions consciously and reflectively. What do we need?

Regional added value is a very important topic, as we buy from local suppliers. Sustainable mobility, with our guests benefiting from the "Green M" when travelling by train, bike or electric car. These are all things that make our city strong for the future and therefore worth living in. Both for residents and temporary guests.

Vorarlberg is one of the most liveable regions in Europe. Embedded in breathtaking nature lies a state that is proud of its tradition and identity.

However, medical care and influences on health, such as air quality and waste disposal, also contribute significantly to a city's quality of life. Furthermore, the standard of education, infrastructure and transport options as well as public services are also included in the ranking. Leisure and recreation facilities, the availability of consumer goods, the housing situation and the natural habitat, including climate and natural disasters, are also taken into account. Rankweil / Vorarlberg scored exceptionally well in all of these criteria.

After all, more than 30% of the market town consists of green spaces, numerous idyllic parks and recreational areas invite you to linger. At the same time, Rankweil has an excellent transport network, public transport is affordable and the town centre can be easily explored on foot. There are also plenty of cultural facilities and a variety of historical buildings. Rankweil also has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy and nightlife. Are you still sitting or are you already on your way to Rankweil?

Our door is always wide open. Tell us what's going on in the municipality or town where you live.

What are we actually doing?

Conscious consumer behaviour has great potential for our world and value system. Unfortunately, our society is still at the very beginning in this respect. For many people, decisions are primarily driven by price and not by the quality and durability of a product.

This issue is particularly important to us. Over the past few years, we have analysed and critically scrutinised our purchasing decisions. Starting with our gourmet breakfast, we decided that our breakfast should not only consist of 70% organic products that are also as regional and seasonal as possible. We have also set ourselves the goal for 2020 of promoting the regional economy in the form of regional added value. Ideally, this means buying locally. We approach new purchases with care. In doing so, we adhere to the concept of the international Zero Waste movement.

The sequence of the 5 principles plays an important role. Before every purchase, we have to be clear about whether we really need it and whether we might find an alternative somewhere in the house. This process is always very exciting and enlightening.

The issue of waste is a particularly big one in the hotel industry. The aim of this project is to show hoteliers that sustainability is not only associated with additional costs, but also with cost savings.

What do we actually do?

In co-operation with VKW - Illwerke, we have had a heat recovery system installed. This stores and reuses energy.

We have equipped our sun protection shutters with solar cells.

We have switched from light bulbs to LEDs in the building, saving 25% on energy costs.

Our hotel is aware of the catastrophic effects of climate change on people and nature around the world. With this in mind, all our endeavours have a common goal: to consciously weigh up the consequences and traces that we leave behind with our daily decisions and actions and thus keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Keyword cleanliness: a very important, often overlooked and resource-intensive topic in our industry. We use biodegradable cleaning agents in combination with microfibre cloths for cleaning. Guests' towels and bed linen are changed if they expressly request it. Guests can use a special card to request a change of bed linen during their stay. This not only saves our planet's resources, but also those of our employees. Because it makes a difference whether I have to remake a bed or simply get it back into shape.

Experience alpine comfort with a clear conscience. The Hotel Mohren in Rankweil combines warm hospitality with sustainability in practice. Send a no-obligation enquiry or book your stay at Hotel Mohren online and contribute to actively sustainable tourism in Vorarlberg.